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The News at 6 on 2 Works for You The day's major news events and late breaking stories are presented by the news team, along with the latest weather, sports coverage and local events.
The List Using a unique list format, the news team provides viewers with a look at the latest pop culture news, money-saving tips, inspiring stories and more.
The Voice The Battles, Part 3 (HD, New, TV-PG) As the battle rounds continue, the coaches turn to the advisors to prepare their artists for a face off as they hope to move on to the knockout rounds.

The Game Je-Rome Wasn't Built in a Day (HD, TV-14) Derwin learns that Melanie will be on a date in one of the skyboxes during the Sabers upcoming game; Kelly and Tasha compete to land an endorsement deal.
The Game Take These Vows and Shove 'Em! (HD, TV-14) Jason's addiction to steroids trumps his commitment to his family; the object of Derwin's affection gives him a harsh lesson on "keeping it real."
The Game The List Episode (HD, TV-14) Following Malik's dreadful dating experience with Serena Williams, Tasha persuades him to continue dating Serena to help her chances of signing her as a client.
The Game White Men Can't Jump, But They're Definitely Packing (HD, TV-14) While enjoying a night with her co-workers, Tasha is flashed by one of the managers; Jason's charm wins over the therapist during his sessions with Kelly.
Marked for Death (TV-14, R, **+) A newly retired Chicago DEA agent becomes the target of a feared drug kingpin after he is forced to take down some of the drug dealer's men in a gunfight.

According to Jim The Toilet (TV-PG) Cheryl regrets asking Jim for remodeling advice after he determines the new bathroom should include an ultra-modern talking toilet.
According to Jim Trashed (TV-PG) Jim's plan to save money by throwing art projects away instead of storing them hits a snag when Cheryl needs several items for a teacher's retirement party.
According to Jim The Marriage Bank (TV-PG) Jim voluntarily attends a marriage seminar to get in Cheryl's good graces so she will agree to let him go fishing the following weekend.
According to Jim Everyone Gets Dumped (TV-PG) Cheryl discovers the louse that unceremoniously dumped her 15 years ago without any explanation is now dating Dana and bribing Jim with season tickets.
Home Improvement The Old College Try (TV-G) After teaching a class on auto repair at a college, Tim believes his old friends are boring, so he decides to hang out with his students, who are half his age.
Home Improvement An Older Woman (TV-G) When Brad decides to marry a college girl, Tim and Jill try to help him realize he is not ready; Mark and Randy tease Brad about the age of his fiancé.

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Closing Arguments with Vinnie Politan (HD)
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